These are some of the favorite recipes that are used by our family. Some of them are Greek recipes, or at least Greek-inspired; some are very simple; but all are actual recipes used in real-life.


Tzatziki. A Greek yogurt and cucumber-based sauce that can be used as a dip for breads or vegetables

Avgolemono soup. Chicken soup made with egg and lemon. "Chicken soup for the Greek soul."

Fake avgolemono soup. An easy subsitute for authentic avgolemono soup.

Red-dyed eggs. At Easter, Greeks traditionally exchange eggs dyed red.

Main dishes

Roast leg of lamb with orzo. A favorite of ours for many holiday dinners, especially Easter.

Roast beef tenderloin.

Pastitsio. A Greek dish made with layers of macaroni, cheese, and ground meat.

Shell noodles with white clam sauce.

Zucchini frittata. A sort of omellette with vegetables, served as a main dish.

Side dishes

Spanakopita. A greek dish made with spinach and feta cheese between layers of phyllo dough.

Roasted potatoes. Our kids call this dish "Papou's potatoes," because this is the way my Dad makes them.

Stewed green beans.

Baked Macaroni and Cheese.

Spinach Soufflé.

Rice with black beans and corn.


Ranger cookies.

Chocolate chip cookies.

Festive Fudge. A relatively simple fudge recipe courtesy of Eagle Brand®.

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