Orthodox Christian Quotes

Quotes collected by Steven Mojsovki and Keith Wilkerson.

These are a collection of quotes that are of interest to Orthodox Christians. These quotes were from two collections—one was from a (now defunct) mailing list in which Steven Mojsovki would occasionally post a quote that other members might like to see; the other source came from a huge effort by Keith Wilkerson to post a daily quote to various Orthodox usenet and discussion groups (of which this is but a small sample).

The quotes come from various sources, including Scripture, patristics, various Orthodox religious and secular writers, and some are from non-Orthodox sources.

Your random quote is:

From St. Symeon the New Theologian (Hymns of Divine Love; Dimension Books pg. 16):

"Those... who in God have their share, who dwell in Him, how will they embrace Him completely to be filled with Him? How will they attain the end of what is endless, tell me? This is altogether impossible, there is no way; and that is why, neither in the saints who live here below, nor in those who have gone to God in the other world, such a thought can penetrate; hidden as they are by the light of divine glory they are enlightened, they shine, they enjoy these delights, and they truly know, with total certainty, that the completion of it will be without an end, and that the increase in glory will eternally spring forth."

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