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The following comic strips are a collection of newspaper comics (and some web comics in strip format) that are widely distributed (or ones that I follow or else are worthy of note); this is not meant to be an exhaustive list. The comics are linked to the following sources: [CC]:; [GC]: UClick:GoComics; [Cr]: Creators Syndicate; [YC]: Yahoo! News Comics; [HC]: Houston Chronicle; [TS]: Toronto Star (a Comics Kingdom site); [SP]: Seattle Post-Intelligencer. The strips are listed alphabetically, not including articles (such as “the” or “la”).

Notes: [1]: A comic I think is particularly good and is worth a look. [2]: The strip is retired and in reruns. [3]: Sunday only, or weekly. [4]: The Chronicle and the Creators Syndicate have the current strip; others are reruns. [5]: The Sunday strip is new, but the dailies are reruns. [6]: This strip was retired on June 13, 2010.

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People interested in the "funny pages" meet on the usenet group rec.arts.comics.strips to discuss favorite (or not-so-favorite) comic strips. Read this group with your newsreader, if you have access to a news client, or from Google groups, if you don't, or check the group's FAQ.