January 1, 2011

Happy New Year (2011)

Filed under: personal — Nick @ 8:31 pm

Another New Year is upon us and I wish everyone who might read this to have a happy and healthy 2011.

There have been some changes and changes to come in my life. On the plus side, a few months ago I started a job that really like, which was an extra plus considering I have been un- or under-employed for awhile. On the negative side, my wife of 28+ years has decided that things would be better if we were apart. It’s not a decision that I agree with, but it’s something that I will have to accept and adjust to during this new chapter in my life in the new year.

Since this is the time of year in which people seem to like to make resolutions, I will add a minor one, in that I hope to keep this site more active so that it does not look abandoned.

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